Registration for the 2018 - 2019 School Year is Ongoing!


2 Year-old Classes

Our toddler program strives to accomplish separation accompanied with smiling faces.  The child to teacher ratio is approximately 3:1.  The staff is educated and nurturing; their goal is to make all aspects of beginning school fun for everyone.

3 Year-old Classes

Our primary focus in our 3 year old program is socialization and an introduction to numbers, letters, colors and shape recognition.  Additional lessons include specific seasonal activities and games which are taught during circle time.  A whole language approach to learning is used at this level so all classroom activities follow one specific theme.  The classroom time is divided into centers of the child’s choice encouraging learning through play.


4 Year-old Classes

The 4 year old program promotes kindergarten readiness.  As an academic program, we are attempting to follow the core curriculum presented by New York State.  Our program includes phonics, sight words, beginning writing skills, number and letter recognition and sequencing.  These are the building blocks for successful students in the future.  Our goal is to instill curiosity and an interest in learning.

Annual $100.00 non-refundable application fee is due at time of registration PER FAMILY for the nursery and pre K program for the school year. 

Office phone: 516 872 4702